Mobile Banking

The Fairfield Federal Credit Union is proud to offer our customers accessibility to their bank accounts and statements through the use of Mobile Banking. Mobile Banking is an app that allows users to have quick and easy access to their money through the use of their smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Having the Mobile Banking app in your phone provides users with a great advantage. Unlike accessing the bank’s website through your phone, the Mobile Banking app is designed to give the user access to their account through a custom web page, designed to accommodate your screen.

Some of the benefits of using the Mobile Banking app include:

  • Convenient, wherever you are access to your account
  • Make automatic transfers to your accounts
  • View history, current and available balances

Online banking is made easy with the Mobile Banking app. Not only will you be able to access your account at anytime, you will be able to manage your money with the touch of a button. Keeping track of your finances is quick and easy with the help of the Mobile Banking app.

Accessing your account through the bank’s website is not the same as accessing your account through the Mobile Banking app. The app is designed to custom fit the mobile screen, eliminating the need for constant scrolling and resizing images.

Contact Us

For more information on the Mobile Banking app, contact the team at Fairfield Federal Credit Union by calling our offices at 870-536-6665.

How Members Access Mobile Banking

  1. Member logs on to Virtual Branch Online Banking. (Must be signed up for online banking)
  2. Member clicks the Self Service Tab
  3. Member clicks the Mobile Banking Link under Additional Services.
  4. Member will be presented with Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions
  5. Accept Terms and Conditions and click Continue
  6. Member selects the services available on Mobile Banking
  7. Member click continue
  8. Member Selects the account they wish to use with Mobile Banking
  9. Member clicks continue
  10. Member enters the cellular number of the phone which they are registering
  11. Member clicks continue
  12. Mobile Banking will send a text message to the Member with an activation code.
  13. Member receives activation code and enters it into online banking.